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Appendix - One.
Tears of Joy: By CJ, Brooklyn, New York.
Years ago.....

The dream of my life, like many of you now reading this, is to achieve something in life just once.  A momemt in life when others will admire you from something wonderful you did.  Recognition and praise.

The Apollo Theatre nested deep in Harlem provided me with a chance of opportunity.  In fact, among us here, whether we are residence of Harlem or not, I am from Brooklyn, The Apollo is synomous with the word opportunity.  Both the well to do and those who are not both share an equality on the stage.

I am a math teacher, and I always challenge all my students to achieve.  Then, I was practicing my secret dance routines at home.  Only my best friends, as well as those in my church choir knew my little secret.

After I was giving a lecture on the Binomial Therory, I gave one of my little talks of achievement and empowerment in comprehending  on how math could have on the rest of their lives.  Out of no where one of my honor students raised up her hand a rose, " Why not you Mrs Jay ? I heard from a friend who goes to your church you are a dancer."

With that piece of news, all my students were likewise taken by surprise.  " Mrs Jay is a dancer too !"  A serious moment just turned cheerful, and the students saw in me something completely different, and with a lite affection too !
But Edda pressed on, and another in class spoke up too. " You know they are looking for acts at the Appolo. " And the momentum grew from there as the others in my class joined in too.  I had a revelation, gosh Almight, and a revolution emerging from my eight grade charges.  Then the school bell rang.  End of class.  O-er in my case saved by the bell.

At home I told my husban what had happened, and sure enough he agreed with my students.  Then Clever, my eldest, entered the living room.  Sound echos in my bricked home - townhouse. He wanted to join in.

That night the whole family was in on it, a real Bill Crosby skit unfolded, and right in my living room too .  And wouldn't you know it, Cleaver called the Appolo later.

Later the next day at class, and then in evening at choir rehersals everyone wanted me to perform at the Apollo.  Clever, got the Apollo to call me  that wonderful following Thursday, and with my whole family looking on, I found my self wanting to get booked.

The performance was wonderful, not so good when compared to professionals, but for me to fully enjoy the life I had and the love ones who admired me.  Wow!  So here I am Dancing at the Apollo, listening to the applaudes, and renewal of spirit of a vision of  a fuller life.  My emotions swelled. I then humbly started to give tears of  joy.
Homework By Terresa Cambell. Camden, Ohio

I love to dance and move to the music of The Spice Sisters.  My mom likes what I do too. I let my friends come over and dance with me.

We dance together all the time. My mother always makes sure I would complete my homework first.  She would not permit me to dance or call my friends to come over unless I did all of my homework.

The mothers of my friends says the samething.  " Homework first.  then you can over to Terresa's to dance. "  I think our parents have had a talk together about this.  You know..our grades have improved too!
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As We Are / Clifford B. Anderson, Fort Wayne, In.,Oct, 2004

We were introduced during an Arthur Murray Dance Party at Chicago.  The timing for the both of us was just right.  Ellen's husban was killed in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, 1970.  I lost my wife when a drunken teenager ran into the side of her Volkswagen Van in 1968.

The both of us were beginning students working on our Branze dance training dance programs.  Cathy, my departed wife, was the only person who I ever dated, and thus in meeting Ellen I was extremely nervous.  My dance teacher, who introduce us, suggested to the both of us to dance, and a I looked into her lovely brown youthful eyes, and nodded my head.   She smiled back and extended her hand to mine and she led me to the dance floor.

She sensed my nervousness, and shyness - even though I stood 6' - 4", about 220 lbs, and well built.  During that dance I began to relax.  Ellen's smiles were a great help.  Her medium tall form managed very well with my big lug clumsiness.  The dance ended. My heart pounded, and it took all the courage I had to finally ask her for the next dance.

She looked up at me and said, " Cliff. Sure. I love to."  And suddenly the emotional walls I built in rememberance of Cathy's love towards me were finally begin to open after 4 years.  After that a phrase... As we are....went through my head.  And after " our " second dance.  Ellen was asked by another gentleman.  And she accepted.  I looked at her and said, " Thank you, " and then I said, " As we are."  I heard my self saying that and stumbled to say something else.  Nevertheless, Ellen look back at back at me as she began to dance, and said wtih her eyes lighted up, " As we are."

That was 30 years ago, and since we have gotten married, what a romance, had children, and now are playing with our grandchildren.  Morover, I learned later that she  was more than nervous too!  But whn I said, " As we are. "  It was at that moment when she began to fall in love with.
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